Make Sure Your Loved One is Covered

Make Sure Your Loved One is Covered

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The Representative Payee program at Graham Behavioral Services is provided at no cost for anyone receiving case management services with our agency. In line with Social Security guidelines, our case managers work with beneficiaries and/or guardians to evaluate financial needs and create a budget to submit to our rep payee.

(*NEW) All persons that are eligible and receive Section 17 Daily Living Support Services (DLSS) or Skills Development Services through GBS. The person is not required to have case management services through GBS. However, all persons must have a case manager (either CIS or BHH) that completes the monthly budget and faxes to our representative payee

We work to ensure basic needs are met and assist in improving daily living conditions such as major health related expenses, schooling, recreation and special purchases as funds allow. We do our best to keep the beneficiary and/or guardian informed of any changes, remaining funds and general knowledge on how funds are spent. Together, as a team, we do our best to provide a Representative Payee service that is focused on providing the best we can for each of our appointed beneficiaries.

For additional information, please call us at 207-626-0003 or visit us at our Augusta, Maine location.

We are now able to assist clients that have all forms of social security funds, including SSDI.

Section 17 recipients must meet ongoing eligibility requirements and must actively engage in services. Persons who are no longer eligible or do not actively engage in services will be discharged and forfeit rep payee services.