Cultural Competency

Cultural Competency


Provide timely relevant services that are respectful of the culture of the consumer, their family and community

1. Describe how various contexts of culture, group, and family membership impact an individual's beliefs and behavior and their behavioral health care needs and interventions.

2. Describe the importance of being culturally sensitive and responsive with populations that originate from a culture different than your own.

3. Use respectful and effective communication with consumers from a variety of cultural and social backgrounds and life stages.

4. Develop culturally-sensitive treatment plans that are responsive to cultural contexts, family and group memberships, and the particular life stage of the consumer.

5. Demonstrate how to employ interpreter services for non-English speaking and hearing impaired consumers in a timely and appropriate manner.

6. Identify and refer consumer to pertinent support resources in the community that facilitate consumer access and recovery within the context of social, cultural, family, and other group memberships.

7. Demonstrate cultural humility and self-reflection, including acknowledgement of the limitations of one's own cultural perspective.